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Both sides of the Support Our Troops coin pictured.  One side has four soldiers bowing their heads in remembrance.  It has a black border with gold maple leaves and poppies.  The other side has a gold ribbon that says "support our troops" in English and French, with the same black border with gold maple leaves and poppies.

Support Our Troops Non-Trackable Coin


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Lest we forget. November 11th is a day of Remembrance in Canada. On this day we stop to remember and appreciate the sacrifices made by soldiers around the world.

This coin is 45mm x 3.5mm with two tone antique silver and polished gold plating.

Design Info: The 3D cenotaph with the four corner guard design was based on a photo taken by MARPAC Imaging Services at the Battle of the Atlantic commemoration ceremony at the BC Parliament buildings lawn.

The images behind the gold ribbon are poppies and maple leaves.

We hope you enjoy this stunning coin as much as we do!

*This coin is not trackable.