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1 inch diameter Circular magnet
3/4 Inches diameter circular magnet
1/2 Inche diameter circular magnet

Rare Earth Magnet - Round


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These little magnets are deceivingly strong! Glue these individually into your smaller camo'd cache container to create a very unique hide! We have used these in the base of a metal cannister to create a devious micro! Two glued in the lid or base of a small 4 way locking container will hold it very firmly in place. Glue them stacked to achieve greater strength!


1. Does stacking magnets together make them stronger?

Yes, two or more magnets stacked together will behave exactly like a single magnet of the combined size!

2. Will magnets erase my hard drive or harm my computer?

No. While you probably don't want to stick magnets directly to your computer case, having them nearby will not harm your computer. Magnets can damage floppy disks and magnetic tape storage media, so you must keep magnets away from these items. They will not, however, damage any data on your hard drive. Every hard drive already contains a powerful neodymium magnet, so one moving around outside the case will not affect the data.