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Idiots Guide to Geocaching Book
Idiots Guide to Geocaching Book

Idiots Guide to Geocaching Book


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There's nothing quite like geocaching. What other activity utilizes GPS satellites orbiting thousands of miles above the earth to find hidden treasure? And with new technological advances and other exciting developments, geocaching is more appealing than ever.

Completely revised and updated with latest changes to the game, this helpful guide gives you a sure path from start to geocaching success. In it, you get:

Pointers for getting started, including how to play the game and prepare for your amazing adventures.

Tips for navigating and selecting a geocache, plus advice on finding it -and leaving your own for others to find.

A primer on GPS technology and best devices - including your smart phone - to use as you set out on your adventure.

An introduction to the global geocaching community and tips for meeting like-minded treasure hunters.

Information on the exciting opportunities Geotours and Geocaching Challenges offer for vacations or corporate team building.

The Editors (Brad Simmons and Jenn Seva) and the Staff of Geocaching HQ, the official and largest GPS cache hunt site, are the quintessential geocaching experts. They have led geocaching since its inception and continue to be pioneers of this rapidly growing adventure activity.