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Both sides of camera coin on top of a red background
Close up of front of camera shaped coin, with Signal and Tracker
Back of coin, with picture of Signal decorating a Christmas Tree as Tracker watches.  It says "Simple Moments Bring Great Joy" on the right

2021 Geocaching HQ Holiday Geocoin


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Celebrate the simple things with the geocaching holiday geocoin! 

This Satin Nickel version is a Limited Edition Landsharkz only plating.

It is a good time of year to remember the simple things that bring joy. Having fun in the snow with a friend. Geocaching. A camera that just takes pictures and doesn't bother you with anything else. 

Take a snap of Signal the Frog® and Tracker® as they enjoy some fun in the snow to celebrate this most festive time of the year! 

Dimensions: Approximately 2.4 inches x 1.65 inches.