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Aluminium coloured headlamp
Denim coloured headlamp

Black Diamond Astro Headlamp

Black Diamond

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The Astro is the perfect affordable mid-range headlamp. Sitting at a comfortable light output and price, it's great for most casual users. It functions well around a campsite and provides enough light for most nighttime activities such as hiking and night caching. Its small size, light weight, strobe, and dimming modes also make it a perfect backup and emergency light.

As our owner Helen puts it "This light is useful for much more than geocaching, I've had mine for over 5 years and absolutely love it. It's great because not only is it smaller and lighter than a flashlight, but brighter too."

Technical Specifications:

  • 150-6 lumens
  • 35-10 metre range
  • 20-80 hour burn time
  • splashproof from any direction (IPX4)
  • dimming, strobe, and lock modes
  • 50 grams (86 with batteries)
  • batteries included
  • 3 year warranty