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Front of Royal Canadian Navy Coin
Back of Royal Canadian Navy coin
Royal Canadian Navy coin on rocks with antique bronze King Neptune and matte nickel ship and helicopter behind
Three ships and one submarine in matte nickel on the back of the Royal Canadian Navy coin on rocks in front of the ocean

Royal Canadian Navy Coin

Sharkz Coins

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Royal Canadian Navy challenge coin - We The Navy - Ready Aye Ready!

This beautiful new Royal Canadian Navy coin features King Neptune and a trusty turtle in antique bronze plating with a Halifax Class Frigate and Cormorant Helicopter in Matte Nickel on the front. The background is a ship's radar! 

On the back there are a Kingston Class MCDV, an Orca Class Patrol Craft, a Harry DeWolf Class Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship and a Victoria Class Submarine. The background is ship's deck plate. 

64mm x 51mm 
Matte Nickel and Antique Bronze on the front; Matte Nickel on the back