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Both sides of RCMP Trackable Geocoin pictured.  One is the RCMP crest, the other is five men on horses in 3D antique silver.  The edge is engraved with a tracking code and is trackable at

RCMP Trackable Geocoin

Sharkz Coins

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The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is an iconic part of the fabric of Canada. Our National Police Force dates back to the 1920 merger of the Northwest Mounted police and the Dominion police, which go back to 1873 and 1868 respectively. The RCMP's history includes a strong tie to the horsemanship that was a critical means of transport in the early days of policing in Canada. The Musical ride in an ongoing tribute to that history, thrilling the public as they tour Canada year after year. This coin is a tribute the men and women who serve in the red serge and presents the musical ride to represent the RCMP's ongoing commitment to the Canadian public, with a tip of the stetson to its place in the history of Canada.

The coin is 45mm in diameter, 4mm thick with the RCMP crest on one side and a representation of the Musical ride, based on a photograph by coin designer Chris Edley, on the other. Produced under license by the RCMP Foundation.

This Royal Canadian Mounted Police coin is trackable at

Designed and Produced by the talented graphic design team at Sharkz Coins. Sharkz Coins are licensed by the RCMP Foundation to create coins using the Royal Canadian Mounted Police trademarked crests and images. Get in touch with them about a custom coin for your RCMP unit or team.