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clear and white geocaching logo decal
clear and white geocaching logo decal

5x5 Geocaching Logo Decal


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Show your Geocaching pride with this striking pro-cut vinyl decal! 

Pro-Cut 5" x 5"

The pro-cut technique gives the sharpest look, and this white decal will really pop for all to see. It has an easy peel off technique that will give your window a new look in seconds!

*Note: This decal is meant to be placed on the outside of your vehicle. It is not a window cling.

To apply:

(1) make sure the glass is clean

(2) carefully peel the backing from the decal

(3) place the decal on your vehicles glass (be careful, once the decal touches the glass, is it difficult to make position or orientation changes)

(4) gently peel the protective layer from the front of the decal

(5) go geocaching!