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Backroad Mapbooks Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Coin

Backroad Mapbooks Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Coin


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This specially designed geocoin is one of a series of six tribute geocoins to the beautiful outdoor regions of British Columbia.

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast BC coin is brown, and features a salmon. The salmon symbolizes the region and is shown on the front as an image along with the native artwork equivalent. The artwork is surrounded by the region name and the logo of Recreation Site & Trails BC. The reverse is a map pin with Backroad Mapbook Logo representing the hundreds of thousands of outdoor points of interest mapped over the companies 20 year history.

The coin is shaped like a map pin in honour of the BRMB's 20th anniversary. The coin is trackable at It's 42mm wide and 54 mm tall and 3mm thick in polished nickel.