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Camo Your Own Orange Canisters Kit

Camo Your Own Orange Canisters Kit


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These waterproof orange cache containers are great for your next hide. They may seem easy to find due to their colour, but now is the perfect time to hide them because when the trees start changing colours and losing their leaves, they will blend right in! These new waterproof cache containers are made by Scott Plastics in Canada. They measure 11cm diameter across the top tapering down to an 8cm diameter bottom. They are 18cm tall, which is quite large, as you can see it compared to a 30 cal Ammo can. The screw top lid has an extra piece with a hole, to easily make this a 'hanging cache'.

Set includes:

2 Large Orange Canisters

1 Fabric Camo Tape (Green Blend or Winter/White Granite)

2 Rite in the Rain Mini Logbooks

2 3.5 x 3.5" Stickers (Canadian Cacher or Making Tracks)

2 Pencils

2 Smilie FTF Pins

2 Muggle cards

This bundle gives you a 20% discount, and saves you money on shipping!

*Contents may vary from photo as new stock becomes available to replace older stock.