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Landsharkz Kidz Kit

Landsharkz Kidz Kit


Regular price $47.99 $47.99 Sale

The brand new Landsharkz Kidz Kit comes bundled with tons of fun for kidz!


- Lockable Plastic Ammo Box

- Explorer's Guide to Geocaching Activity Book

- Landsharkz Signature Tag

- Ginormous Micro Cache Container

- 10 pack of Beaver Dude temporary tattoos

- Beaver Dude sew-on patch

- Small Canadian Cacher Logbook

- Large Canadian Cacher Cache Sticker

- Bouncy ball

- Canadian Cacher bracelet

- Pencil

- Pencil sharpener

- Two muggle cards

- Geopin collector lanyard

- Rainproof camo cinch bag

Total value is $60!