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Landsharkz Newbie Kit

Landsharkz Newbie Kit


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Landsharkz Newbie Kit - add your GPS and this newbie kit contains everything you need to start FINDING geocaches.

Here's the list of contents and a bit about why we chose these items:

Complete Idiots Guide to Geocaching 3rd Ed.

Cache & Carry Swag Kit

Making Tracks Trackable TAG

Making Tracks Lanyard

Bag-It CITO bags

Individual Value: $46.99 if purchased separately.

At Landsharkz we firmly believe that new geocachers should get familiar with geocaching by finding lots of geocaches before they hide one. At the recommendation of our friend who introduced us to geocaching, we found approx 100 geocaches before we hid our first one. It went very well and so we like to recommend taking this route if you are considering taking up geocaching.

This is how Geocaching HQ explains it: "The more geocaches that you have found, the better you will understand the various elements that make up a great geocaching experience. This knowledge will be invaluable when you place a hide, and likely make your geocache more enjoyable for the community. We encourage you to find at least twenty geocaches before you choose to hide one."