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plastic lidded container with foam inside to store firetacks. 29 firetacks are inside the container. They are a mixture of 25 stealth,  2 blaze and 2 wildfire.
Outside of Firetacks box

Night Caching Firetack™ Kit - Small


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This 29 piece set is perfect for any night cacher!  It comes with a total of 29 Firetacks™, as well as a padded carrying case to keep them from poking you in your pocket!  There are 25 STEALTH, 2 BLAZE and 2 WILDFIRE - probably enough to create two unique night cache trails! Guide others to your night cache with the STEALTH tacks, and mark the end of your trail with the 2 BLAZE and/or 2 WILDFIRE Firetacks™.

Dimensions of plastic box: 10cm x 8cm x 3cm