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One side of 3D Pirates of Buccaneer Bay coin, featuring a pirate holding a pistol, one with a sword, a treasure chest, skull and crossbones and octopus tentacles on top of rigging and sails
The opposite side of the Pirates of Buccaneer Bay coin, featuring a treasure map, a skull wearing a pirate hat, a treasure chest, a pirate ship and crossed swords over octopus tentacles.  There is a trackable code engraved on a flat surface in the right.

Pirates of Buccaneer Bay Trackable Geocoin

Sharkz Coins

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Aaarrghh mateys!  Are you a fan of pirates? This is a gorgeous 3D art pirate geocoin. Walk the plank with The Pirates of Buccaneer Bay coin! This awesome pirate geocoin also channels the spirit of Esquimalt Buccaneer Days which is a pirate celebration and pirate themed event weekend in the community where Landsharkz are based! 

This large pirate geocoin is 5.5cm by 5.5cm in an antique copper metal plating. The art on both sides is highly detailed 3D relief. 

Trackable at 

Designed and produced by Monique at Sharkz Coins