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Free Downloads

For your Geocaches – Stash Notes:

"You’ve found a geocache…" stash note! Print this and place in your cache. All geocaches should include this note. pdf file 82kB Click here.

For your Geocaches – Log Sheets:

Click here for Rite-in-the-Rain (TM) printer paper.

Micro log-sheet (Film Canister size – includes stash-note) pdf downloads 320kB each

  • Film Canister-sized Micro logsheet Canadian Cacher
  • Film Canister-sized Micro logsheet Generic
  • Smaller Bison-style tube size (includes stash-note) Generic.

For your Geocaches – Mugglecards:

Mugglecards – Print your own!

These mugglecards briefly explain geocaching to muggles so you don’t have to. Hand them out or leave them in caches. Pre-formatted for tear-apart business card stock. pdf file – 24kB – Click here.

For Events:

Geocaching Bingo. This is a fun icebreaker and "get to know you" game for events. Download Bingo here.

For your Trackables:

Whether its going to the arctic, off to visit a friend, or having photos taken with trains… you want your trackable’s mission to be known by others. Make sure you attach a Mission Card to clearly identify the mission to other geocachers. pdf file 176kB – Click Here.

Logo and Event Support:

Full colour logo downloads:

  • jpg image – 1197px × 534px – 174kB Click here.
  • eps format (vector image) – 737kB Click here.

Black & White logo:

  • eps image – (incl. “Caching Gear and the Coolest Custom Geocoins”) – 550kB Click here.
  • eps format – (logo only as shown) – 737kB Click here.

Logos for use on webpages (right click on image that opens and select "save image as"):

Landsharkz is proud to support this event!

Sponsorship Sheet – 8 1/2 x 11 pdf for colour printers – 156kB Click here.