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all 5 Fire Tack colour options in packages
blaze 4D fire tacks in package
Stealth brown fire tacks in package
Diamond Bright 4D fire tacks in package
Firefly 4D fire tacks in package
Wildfire 4D fire tacks in package
Wildfire 4D firetack with flashlight to show reflective qualities
Blaze 4D firetack with flashlight to show reflective qualities

4D FireTacks™ Trail Markers for Night Caches


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FireTacks™ are multi-directional, reusable and made from high quality plastic with coated pins, to resist rust. The 3M commercial grade prismatic reflective material is "Retro-Reflective" and both the material and the reflectivity will last for up to ten years. FireTacks™ are proven to be up to 10 times as bright as any other trail markers. FireTacks™ are over 500 times as bright in wet weather like rain, fog, and morning dew conditions. Ordinary trail tacks virtually disappear in these same conditions! FireTacks™ can be placed much further apart on geocaching night cache trails than ordinary tacks because of their incredible reflective qualities at great distances. Each pack includes 25 4D FireTacks™ Trail Markers.



The new best and brightest. The unique florescent yellow/gold colour on these tacks makes your trails visible during the daytime and lights them up at night.


Florescent yellow/green blends into the woods while being Hi-Vis at the same time, super bright at night.


Florescent orange, highly visible during the day and fire bright at night.


Hides your trails completely during the day but reflects bright amber orange at night, a truly awesome combination! Stealth is PERFECT for geocachers.

Diamond Bright

Neutral grey for day and brilliant white at night, again perfect for geocachers.