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Picture of Boatswain coin, front and back. Front has a gold ships wheel with a red background, surrounded by a blue border that says Boatswain at the top and 181+00105 at the bottom and rope cut edge.  The back has a compass, a rifle and an anchor with a blue border that says Ready Aye Ready at the top and Royal Canadian Navy at the bottom and a rope edge

Boatswain Coin


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Boatswain, bosun, bos'n - no matter how you say it, this is the boatswain challenge coin for this Royal Canadian Navy trade.  

"Boatswains are the seamanship specialists of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). They are responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the ship’s rigging, shipboard cargo handling equipment, boats and small craft." Ref: website

This 45mm x 3.5mm polished gold and antique silver challenge coin would be a perfect addition to any collection!