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Challenges Geocoin and Tag Set - D/T Grid
Challenges Geocoin and Tag Set - D/T Grid

Challenges Geocoin and Tag Set - D/T Grid


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Geocaching is a game of adventure, exploration, community and statistics!

Some find the statistics section in their Geocaching profile to be interesting.  Some see it as a challenge. If you cannot stop until all the zeros are gone, celebrate when you fill that Difficulty and Terrain (D/T) grid!

Also known as Geocaching Achievement geocoins, or Geocaching Achievement coins.  This Challenges D/T Grid Geocoin celebrates your full geocache Difficulty and Terrain grid! 

The D/T Grid is based on the 81 possible combinations in geocaching for Difficulty and Terrain and can be checked in your player profile. 

Each set includes a Challenges D/T Grid Geocoin and companion travel tag. Each have a unique tracking code and are trackable at Keep this achievement geocoin in your collection and send the trackable tag out to explore the world! 

Dimensions: The geocoin is approximately 2.17 inches (55 mm) in diameter, and the tag is approximately 1.57 inches (40 mm) in diameter.

For Engraving: 

  • There is a 35 character limit
  • The Engraving can be on 1 or 2 lines
  • There is a maximum of 20 characters on line 1 and 15 characters on line 2
  • Please allow up to 1 week from time we receive your coin before shipping for engraving
  • Orders with multiple engraved items may take longer
  • Please add a note to your order with the text you wish to be engraved

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order item that we'll bring in on our next order from Shop Geocaching. This may delay your order shipping by 3-4 weeks.