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Antique Bronze trusty shellback crossing the line 3D coin depicting underwater scenes of a sea turtle, a ship, an octopus and King Neptune with his trident.
3D Antique Bronze Trusty Shellback coin with King Neptune, mermaids, an octopus and a ship.
3D Antique Bronze Trusty Shellback coin wtih a sea turtle, an octopus holding a compass and a shipwreck

Crossing the Line - Trusty Shellback Coin

Sharkz Coins

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This coin commemorates the ritual of being initiated in a ceremony by King Neptune as a Trusty Shellback after crossing the equator by sea.

The engraving field allows you to customize with your chosen information. Perhaps your name, the date you crossed the line, ship's name or longitude crossed at.

There's room for 2 lines of engraving (up to 12 characters per line) available at an additional cost.  Due to the custom nature of the engraving, please allow 1 week for processing.

The coin is 58mm in diameter, 4mm thick in antique bronze metal plating.