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Landsharkz FireTacks trail markers for night geocaching

FireTape™ Trail Ribbon


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FireTape™ is made from a virtually indestructible two-ply prismatic high florescent plastic. FireTape™ has hook/loop (Velcro) on each end, sewn (not glued) on for strength. Strips can be "chained" together for larger trees or posts.

FireTape™ is removable, reusable and washable, season after season. Or just leave it outside - it is TOUGH stuff. FireTape™ is visible during daylight as well as brilliantly reflective at night or in low light. You need fewer FireTape™ strips per distance then common trail tape because of their great visibility.


NEW Killer Bee

Florescent yellow/green blends into the woods while being Hi-Vis at the same time, super bright at night.


Florescent orange, highly visible during the day and fire bright at night.


Neutral in daytime, fire white at night.