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Camo print Official Geocache stickers
Desert print Official Geocache stickers
Urban print Official Geocache stickers

Geocache Cache Label (Sticker)


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These geocache stickers are a great way to immediately identify a geocache in the wild. The material is durable 1ml vinyl with a permanent adhesive. This sticker has a location to write in your cache name and contact information in permanent marker.

These stickers come in three colour patterns - Urban, Camo and Desert. 

 Small - 4.5cm x 8cm/ 1.7in x 3.14in

Medium- 6cm x 10cm/ 2.36in x 3.93in

Large - 8.5cm x 14.5cm/ 3.35in x 5.7in

Extra Large - 12.5cm x 25.5cm/ 4.92in x 10in