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Both sides of the HMCS Restigouche.  The first is a 3D antique silver picture of the ship with a blue border and the ships crest at the top in polished gold.  The opposide side is the Royal Canadian Navy crest in polished gold with an antique silver background and the same blue border.

HMCS Restigouche Coin


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This coin depicts the HMCS Restigouche.

Commissioned in 1958, HMCS Restigouche served the Canadian Navy until 31 Aug 1994. She was the namesake for the IRE upgrades in the early 70's where four of the seven Restigouche class destroyers were fitted with anti-submarine rocket launchers (ASROC) and variable depth sonar systems (VDS). The 2000 tonne, 112m long Restigouche was affectionately known as the Rusty Guts. After decommissioning, she was sold and towed to Mexico where she now sits on the ocean floor as artificial reef.

*This coin is not trackable.