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Rectangular coin with a dockside scene, with a seagull, swan, seal and a few boats
Rectangular geocoin sitting on a railing. Coin graphic is a map of esquimalt surrounded by water with 3D anchor and a sign that says 'dockside at sailor's cove marina' pointing to the location of the Sharkz Store. Banner at the top of the coin says The Sharkz Store. Colours are bright green for the land and bright blue for the water.
Rectangular geocoin sitting on a railing. A marina with boats and a houseboat is visible in the background. image on the coin is the same view, with the addition of a swan, a seagull  with a french fry in it's beak and a seal.

Landsharkz HQ Trackable Geocoin


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Woooot! It's a NEW Landsharkz HQ Trackable Geocoin! 

Landsharkz HQ has moved, and we are dockside...  so we thought there was nothing better than using our super view of the Inner Harbour and downtown Victoria for our new geocoin! 

It features the Sailor's Cove Marina with its' collection of watercraft, a gull (with a french fry!), swan, seal and a super sweet houseboat!  The back features a 3D anchor on top of an aerial view of Esquimalt and a wooden sign pointing to the area where our new office is located. 

The Indigenous word for Esquimalt is on the coin - Es-whoy-malth, meaning Place of Shoaling Waters. The Esquimalt Nation is a small nation on the water of Esquimalt Harbour.

This coin is trackable at, the tracking code is vertical, on the back, on the signpost.  Get yours before we sell out of this beautiful nod to our new home!