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Making Tracks Geocache Logbook in light blue, with spaces for Cache information on the front cover
The back of the Making Tracks Geocache Logbook with information about Geocaching

Making Tracks Small Rite in the Rain Logbook


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Making Tracks logbooks are manufactured with Rite in the Rain paper, the world's leading producer of waterproof paper.

The stylish front cover has the Making Tracks logo, a place for the cache name, GC code and contact information. The back of the logbook has general information about the game and information for "muggles" if they have found the geocache.

The front and back covers as well as all 25 blank sheets are "Rite in the Rain" brand all-weather cardstock/paper designed to shed water in any weather condition.

Logbook measures 2" x 3.5" and is sized to fit a wide range of smaller cache containers.