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Three proxy tags hanging on ball chains, a red pepper, an orange pumpkin and a green pickle
A green proxy pickle
A red proxy pepper
The back of 3 proxy tags, with a space to write tracking codes
An orange proxy pumpkin
Three proxy tags in hands to show size

Proxy Tags


Regular price $2.00 Sale

Check out our 3 homegrown Proxy Tags with a tasty twist! Pick between a proxy pepper, a proxy pumpkin or proxy pickle... or get the best of the bunch and buy a set of all 3! 

Has one of your trackables been missing … FOREVER?! Do you have a spare tracking code, trapped at home, waiting for adventure? A proxy tag is what you need! 

They are only $2 each or $5.75 for a pack of 3! 

This inexpensive tag has a spot for you to write in your existing tracking number. Then, send it off into the geocaching world and watch it travel!

Each proxy tag comes with a ball chain attached and a rough space on the back to write your tracking number with a permanent marker.  Each measures 45mm (for the pumpkin) to 75mm (for the pickle and pepper) in length. 

If you would like your tracking code to rise from the ashes like a phoenix, then a Proxy Tag might be just what you need!
 Pick your favourite or get a pack of 3!