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Tools of the Trade Kit

Tools of the Trade Kit

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Some of our most popular Tools of the Trade bundled together at a savings of 15% (value of $39.25). Perfect for gift giving!

UV Flashlight: You’ll feel like a CSI investigator with this flashlight! It's built to last and has 12 UV LED’s, it takes 3AAA batteries which give it over 20 hours of burntime. It has a large pushbutton switch on the end making it easy to use. The nylon strap on the end ensures you will not drop it when you're out nightcaching in the dark. 

Magnetic Retrieval Device: Use this handy tool to pick up dropped keys, or grab a metal object from a tight space. This telescoping pick-up tool extends to 19.5" and is 4.5" when collapsed. 

Ultimate Log Roller: This GeoKnots log roller makes it easy to roll up the smallest micro and nano sized logsheets! Includes a no-rust stainless steel split pin safely contained inside a bison tube, no more jabbing yourself or poking holes in your gear bag with an exposed sharp pin. The sturdy metal swivel clip allows you to attach it anywhere for quick access.

Mini Pen Twin Set: These super-handy Geoknots Mini Pens clip onto the Ultimate Lanyard, your day pack strap, or other handy location so you can sign the logbook and be on your way. Comes in a set of two, with a mini nickel-plated swivel clip on each pen.

Tweezers: It can be difficult to get into those micro caches. Here's a nice set of tweezers to help you get that log in and out of the cache. They are stainless steel and non-magnetic. 12cm or 4 3/4" long

Pencil Sharpener: Mini pencil sharpeners - keep them with you on the go, or leave them in caches to always keep your pencils sharp!